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"Loved the cool counter dining by @NoelCorston...

 #Woolacombe is very lucky to have you!" 




"if you’re familiar with Woolacombe, you might find it hard to believe that there’s a chef there running a ten-seat, open-kitchened, tasting menu, dinner-only type of place.. But there he is in his kitchen.... This kind of a concept would be hard to pull off in central London, but he’s smashing it in this sleepy seaside village"

Ella Timney, Great British Chefs

"Noel's aim is to express the unique flavour of North Devon's protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, working directly with farmers, fishermen, foragers and hunters to create food that is simply stunning...
..this is food that is at once totally local and really satisfying"
Marc Millon, Food & Travel Magazine

"Had a great time at the counter watching @NoelCorston preparing dishes championing Devon's finest ingredients #Woolacombe"

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